6 Free Design Tools for Impressive Visual Content

Design can be extremely impactful. Visuals have the ability to express brand voice and build trust with your audience. Everything from a professional logo, attractive website, or an engaging presentation comes from intentional design. Studies have shown that it only takes .05 seconds for a website to make a lasting impression. Which is why it’s so important that the right impression is made.                                                                              

So, you know you need strong visual representation, but you aren’t a professional graphic designer? The beauty of the world we live in, is that it’s one full of free online resources. No need to break the bank on expensive software or hiring a graphic designer to make your business stand out.  Even if you don’t have a knack for creativity, these free tools are here to make your life easier.

For your website

Your website is basically your virtual business card. It’s usually one of the first impressions given to your prospects. Which is why it’s so important to have a quality, professional looking website.

Website design tools can take time to learn how to navigate. It can get a little frustrating if you have to spend extensive time learning a tool’s ins and outs before you can even use it. Which is why I’ll always be thankful for Wix. This tool has endless possibilities for creating your unique, personalized website. Using Wix is uncomplicated, even if you’re not a super tech-savvy person.  Templates are available to work off of and you can upload and store your images for use.  There is even a blog creator tool, so you can effortlessly organize articles on your site. With so many features for free, Wix is an excellent tool for creating an elegant website.


For Your Logo

Creating a logo is a very exciting step to becoming a business owner. It’s the image that most people will probably think of when your business comes to mind. If you need some inspiration, templates can help give you a starting point to work off of. Or maybe you know exactly what you want and just need the tools to create it.

If you’re wanting an uncomplicated, straight forward tool for designing your logo, a great option is Logo Creator. It provides you with color options, shapes, frames and templates. And the cool thing is that you can upload any icon of your liking to use in your logo. You can have your unique, personalized logo finished in minutes with this easy to use tool.

For Icons

Icons and vector art are commonly used in logos or other promotional purposes. There are plenty of pre-designed icons and images which you can find online for free. With the largest database of free vector icons, you’re sure to find the perfect image from Flaticon. Simply type in a key word to describe what you’re looking for, and Flaticon will present you with several options to browse through.

For Color Coordination

Some of us are gifted with an eye for color, and some of us- well… not so much. Color has a very important role in affecting the emotional side of the brain. If the colors in a website, for example, don’t flow it can be difficult for the visitor to process the website’s information. Finding a collaborative set of colors to incorporate throughout your visual presentations will be more likely to keep your audience’s attention.

A very helpful and slightly addictive tool for all things color related, is Coolors. This free to use color generator will help you come up with a palette to fit your brand. There are several options to help you come up with just the right hues. You can simply browse popular or pre-created palettes. Alternatively, you can select your own colors to mix and match. Even if you’d like to replicate colors from an already existing image, there is a color matching tool to pick up the hues and give you digital swatches of them to use.

For Multiple Purposes

If you’re looking for a multi-use software for all of your graphic design needs, you might feel intimidated by the costs or skills required for such a tool. Which is why millions of people have been turning to Canva for creating professional looking designs. Whatever your design needs are- business cards, book covers, gift certificates etc.- Canva’s got your back! The free version which includes 8,000 free template options, 1GB storage for uploading photos and 2 folders for organizing your projects.