We have the great creative team who have experience  in Audio Visual Production. FMG expertise is built around a core team of creative and specialists in storytelling, producing, directing, digital effects and editing. FMG knows how to effectively deliver our client message to communicate with their customer.


FMG Provide CD Interactive Production Services. Our team has experience from start to 2002 when we started the production of multimedia services company. Our experience working many companies such kurongkor Interactive CD, Indosat, and several educational institutions such as the FMU, SMUK 1, and others.


FMG 3D experience working on a variety of jobs ranging from 3D Environment for property, 3D Animation for Film, 3D modeling to design the building and also 3D Modelling character for games and animation. We have a team of highly skilled in the production of 3D and have experience no doubt.